Best mobile RPG games in 2022

From the many star-studded RPG apps, the author has carefully selected game apps that he has actually played, including MMORPG, action RPG, simulation RPG, etc. Apps that allow you to take your time and enjoy the fun of each genre are gathered here.

Finding a role-playing game app to your liking can be tough. So, for those who are wondering which RPG for smartphones to play, we have carefully selected and compiled a list of recommended masterpiece RPG apps by genre that has an interesting reputation.

We have thoroughly researched and introduced only RPG apps that we think are seriously interesting, from royal works that everyone knows, to RPGs with strategy, shooting RPGs, RPG apps to raise cute and beautiful girls, etc. If you are looking for a divine game that you can play for a long time, please check it out!

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BEST RPG Apps Ranking for Mobiles

MSY Games determine rankings based on the following criteria when creating ranking articles.

  • Evaluation by MSY Games management members
  • AppleStore and Google Play Store ratings
  • Release Date
  • Reliability of the distributor

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1. Ash Tale

Action RPG with cooperative play as the main feature.

“Ash Tale – Kaze no Tairiku” is a dramatic action RPG in which you and your cute characters explore a picture book-like world!

The dungeons you challenge every day require five people to work together to clear them, and there are regular two-person cooperative events, so there’s just plenty of content for everyone to play together, so you can have fun with your family and friends!

Ash Tale – The Wind Continent” has a system that allows players to marry each other regardless of gender. You can look for a marriage partner in the game, or you may enjoy marrying other friends.

After marriage, you can grow crops and animals together on your common farm.

There are other mini-games like races, and the work can be played in a wide range of ways. We encourage everyone to play together.

Introduction video

  • Healing RPG to explore a cute world like a picture book
  • Plenty of content for cooperative play
  • Get married and enjoy a relaxed farm life.
User Reviews
  • A world like a picture book
    This game is exactly what it sounds like. The character design and graphics are very soothing. It is very nice that there is not only adventure but also marriage system and farm elements.
  • Communication is fun.
    The interaction with other players is quite important, so it is not suitable for solo players, but I like it very much because it is fun with everyone.
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2. Genshin

GooglePlay best of 2020 in Japan
Best Game 2020 Awards

RPG that runs around in a vast and beautiful open world

Genshin is an open-world RPG that allows players to freely explore a vast land depicted with a beautifully soft touch in an anime style.

The game is packed with many enjoyable elements, such as touring a beautiful open world, defeating bosses, collecting materials, solving puzzles, cooking, and more.

Multiplayer allows up to four players to play on the same field. It is also a great way to play dungeon circuits and daily missions cooperatively with friends.

It’s a fun game just to keep flying through the ridiculously wide sky, going around the world, collecting ingredients and cooking!

Introduction Video

  • Free adventure in a beautiful open world
  • Both single-player and multi-player available.
  • Challenging combat that you control and play by yourself
User Reviews
  • Quality not much different from PS4 or something.
    It's fun just running around on the vast meadows and looking at the beautiful ocean. The characters' running and gestures are cute and wonderful. It's an amazing time because this can be done on a smartphone.
  • State-of-the-art open field RPG
    Is it really a smartphone game? The quality is so amazing. They have put a lot of thought into the character design and voice actors to create a beautiful visual world.
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3. ever tail

A full-fledged nurturing RPG with monster capturing fun

Ever Tail” is a command battle RPG in which players capture and train monsters and form a party of up to 8 players for adventure.

Combat is based on an order system with delay time, and the game offers a wide range of strategies with parts that use the player’s head like a card game.

The chat function and the ability to play real-time battles with other players make this an RPG that can be enjoyed in a wide range of ways.

MSY Editors
A profound story and the fun of raising monsters unique to royal road RPGs!
  • A royal road RPG where you can make monsters your friends and have adventures.
  • Battle using your brain like a card game.
  • The characters are cute and the animation is smooth.
User Reviews
  • Originally a paid app, now free
    Evolution by raising monsters, visiting towns and talking to villagers, it's fun and full of good old RPG worldview.
  • Lots of cute characters!
    Good that there are many attractive characters including girls and monsters. But the gacha is reluctant.
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4. life after

Survive freely in a vast open world!

Life After” is a full-fledged survival RPG game that allows you to experience more than a home console game easily on your smartphone.

In a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, players interact and cooperate with other players via chat to collect resources and raise their level. Once you have collected materials, build your own house or enjoy item production.

The game is quite conscientious, as you can create the most powerful weapon of the season without paying for it if you continue your daily gold expedition for 5 days.

Now you can get a limited edition bike for free!

MSY Editors
A masterpiece that has received rave reviews from various sources for its “very interesting gameplay! MMORPG!

Introduction video

  • A real survival game where you fight in a devastated world
  • You can interact with your friends and enjoy cooperative battles
  • It's hard to see the difference between those who pay and those who don't
User Reviews
  • This quality is amazing for free
    At first I thought it would be all zombies, but it's a real survival game with wild animals, soldiers, and robots as enemies. Recommended for those who love collecting materials.
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5. millennium war aigis a

The monthly gacha with a guaranteed maximum rare is a delight!

Millennium War Aigis A” is a smartphone version of the very popular tower defense RPG that has been loved by DMM Games for many years.

The objective of this defense-based game is to defeat enemies who invade your territory. All you have to do is pay the cost and send out your units, and the beautiful girls will do the rest in auto-battle! The game is also a fun way to think about strategy.

Daily missions allow you to pull a gacha (gadget) with the rarest character for free every day. In addition, there is a mission once a month that gives you a fixed number of characters.

MSY Editors
There are over 700 friends in the game. With more than 200 occupations, there is no end in sight to the challenge and training! Of course, you can also communicate with beautiful girls…

Introduction video

  • Popular tower defense RPG on DMM
  • More than 700 friends and over 200 occupations
  • Monthly missions to determine the rarest character
User Reviews
  • No problem even if you can't get a strong character
    There are strong and rare characters, but they are not required. In other words, depending on your strategy, you can win the game with only weak characters.
  • I want to enjoy the story.
    This is a completely solo game, so I recommend it to people who can be patient and stay patient. The individual stories with each character are also fascinating and rather tear-jerking.
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6. soulvars

Google Play 2022 Indie Game Festival
Top 3 Award Winners

A deck-building RPG that requires advanced strategy

SOULVARS” is a turn-based command RPG in which players use attack and defense cards and combine them to unleash special moves to defeat enemies.

In battle, players fight by cutting the “attack” and “defense” hand cards that are assigned to their equipment, depending on the situation.

The game is characterized by a high level of strategy based on the combination of equipment, such as increasing the number of cards in your hand by hitting the enemy’s weak points, and activating special moves by consuming multiple cards at once.

MSY Editors
The black worldview expressed through high-quality dot-picture animation is also attractive. The hard-boiled story like a backstage business is irresistible.

Introduction video

  • Deck command battle where you consume cards to fight
  • Special moves are triggered by the combination of cards you consume
  • Animated combat with high quality dots
User Reviews
  • A masterpiece of smartphone RPG
    One of the perfection of smartphone RPG. Strategic battles using cards are interesting. I like the fact that you can search for items on the field map, which is very RPG-like.
  • Great strategy game
    It takes time to understand, but it is very interesting. As the enemies get stronger and you're trying to figure out what to do, you realize that there is a system in place to break them down.

7. Dragon Quest V: Bride of the Sky

The most popular game in the Dragon Quest series!

Dragon Quest V: Bride of the Sky” is a smartphone app version of the classic RPG that allows players to capture and train monsters in addition to the epic adventures of a brave warrior.

This RPG is so popular that it is considered the best in the DQ series.

It is well known for its story that depicts the hero’s epic life spanning three generations of parents and children, from his childhood and youth to his marriage and becoming a parent.

This is a masterpiece of an RPG game application that allows you to become emotionally involved with the main character and experience his tumultuous life.

MSY Editors
More than 28 years after its release, the film still has many strong fans, and in 2019, a 3D movie based on the film will even be screened. In 2019, there is even a 3D movie based on the film.

Introduction video

  • You can enjoy an epic adventure that spans three generations of parents and children
  • You can decide who you want to marry
  • You can join monsters and fight with them.
User Reviews
  • A bit expensive, but worth it
    Sometimes it's a bit difficult to control on a smartphone, but if you genuinely enjoy Dracula, it's a worthwhile purchase.
  • Original elements not found in past titles
    Compared to the SFC version, the number of party members has increased by one and the difficulty level has decreased. The fact that there are more new friends who did not appear in the original is also good.

8. tower of witch hunt

A challenging tower defense game with dot-pictures!

Witch Hunt Tower” is a tower defense RPG in which you fight against the humans who attack you one after another, while reinforcing your demons.

This is a defense game with a hacksaw element, in which players repeatedly go around and capture more and more humans, summoning and merging them to strengthen their own forces.

There are no online battles, but it is a great indie game recommended for those who love to steadily and steadily level up.

MSY Editors
It’s fun to think about strategies while repeatedly going around and getting knocked down again and again.
  • Huxla RPG x Dot Picture Tower Defense
  • Can be played offline or in airplane mode
  • A sense of accomplishment by steadily strengthening your friends
User Reviews
  • Addictive tower defense
    I found myself playing it for several hours. The tower defense game is well balanced and interesting.
  • A god game that draws you in
    It's so great to see the new story after dying many times and trying to live even one day longer.
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9. Sky: Children Who Weave Stars

Google Play Best of 2020
Grand Prize winner in the Indie category.

Play cooperatively with the friends you meet on your journey.

Sky” is an online RPG in which you travel as a “star-spinner” in the Kingdom of the Sky, delivering fallen stars to the constellations.

Players can run around hand in hand with their friends in a vast field while feeling the beauty of the starry sky and nature.

Communication features such as in-game chat and emoticons are available. Collecting items through cooperative play will give you an advantage over solo players.

MSY Editors
A divine RPG that can be recognized by its images and music!

Introduction video

  • A colorful and sprawling RPG
  • Endlessly vast fields
  • Enjoyable to the end solo or in co-op.
User Reviews
  • I really love it!
    It heals me every day. Above all, the graphics are beautiful. The way you interact with the players around you is new, and for the first time I experienced a game where you can connect with the world.
  • Healing
    It's like jumping into another world. It is my ideal beautiful landscape. Some of the music is spectacular, like a brass band, which is very exciting!
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10. rogue with dead

An RPG that lets you leave the game alone and aim to defeat a demon king 300 km away.

Rogue with Dead” is an RPG in which you command more than 50 soldiers to defeat a demon king waiting for you 300 km away.

This application is rich in interesting elements that are unique to this application, such as the ability to not only leave the game but also to attack by tapping repeatedly, randomly obtained soldiers, and collecting artifacts by defeating bosses.

Even if you are defeated along the way, you can play a strong new game because special reinforcement items remain.

MSY Editors
There is no stamina limit, making it highly addictive. Many people have said that they found themselves playing for 4 to 5 hours straight!

Introduction video

  • A roguelike game that gets stronger with each defeat
  • Highly addictive with no stamina limit
  • Enjoy collecting artifacts in abundance
User Reviews
  • The most fun game I've played in a long time
    A roguelike where you get items from the bosses along the way and get stronger with them. Highly recommended for its many novel systems that are different from just a game of abandonment.
  • It's up to you how to do it
    I like that there are many types of soldiers and various ways to fight. The fact that you can't just leave the game alone is also the charm of this game!
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11. elona mobile

Dot-picture roguelike RPG with a high degree of freedom

Elona Mobile” is a roguelike RPG in which you can do anything as an adventurer, from attacking dungeons and running a leisurely farm to destroying towns and thieving.

This is a turn-based RPG application like “Siren of the Wind and Thunder”. The open world map is quite large, and events occur at various locations. It is full of challenge.

The biggest attraction is still the bad behavior. In normal RPGs, you are allowed to do things that you would never be allowed to do, and the text of the conversations are also very unpredictable.

MSY Editors
The game stands out for its stories, but it is also simply an excellent RPG. There are plenty of elements like combining occupations and races, weapon enhancement, farm management, etc.!!!

Introduction video

  • Rogue-like RPG with too much freedom
  • RPG with everything from stealing to destroying towns
  • Farm management and large maps to conquer, max challenge.
User Reviews
  • RPG where you can be a rogue
    This is a mobile version of the legendary free game Elona. You can play in ways you can't play in normal games, from rogue-like acts to nighttime...
  • You can do and be anything.
    The badassery is appealing, but it's also simply very free...It's an RPG, but you can form a band, run a farm...There are many events on the map, and it's a god game that you will never get bored.
Free Download

12. stardew valley

Enjoy a slow life in the countryside!

Stardew Valley” is a farm management simulation RPG that has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

The developer, who loves “Harvest Moon” series, spent more than 4 years to complete this soulful work. You can develop your own farm by cultivating deserted fields, growing crops, and managing a ranch as well.

In addition to farming, there is livestock farming, fishing, fruit growing, mining, villager interaction, romance, and even RPG elements where you battle monsters in dungeons. There is so much more to the game than can be described here, so you will find yourself playing and playing again and again.

MSY Editors
The price is 960 yen. There is farming, fishing, marriage, etc… Anyway, there is no end to the things to do, so this is a god game work that makes you lose track of time and immerse yourself in the game.

Introduction video

  • A farm management simulation similar to Ranch Tales
  • A great hit masterpiece RPG that has sold over 10 million copies worldwide
  • Rich in content and can be played endlessly
User Reviews
  • Really my favorite classic app
    It has a lot of freedom and is just a lot of fun. I recommend it especially to those who like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory.
  • Too much fun, time melts endlessly.
    For the first time in a long time, I'm so addicted to this game that I can't keep up with my personal life. There is so much you can do and it's so much fun to be offline!

13. knights in exile

A deck-building RPG in which players fight while being annihilated over and over again

Knights in Exile” is a roguelike card RPG in which you lead a group of knights whose country has been destroyed to fight against the imperial army and aim for victory.

Battles are completely turn-based, and players pay costs and summon units to fight. Each unit has its own unique skills, and strategic unit placement is the key to victory.

This smartphone app can be played offline, and if you play in airplane mode, ads will not be played, so you can enjoy playing without paying.

MSY Editors
The difficulty level is a little difficult, but it can be completed in about 3 hours.
  • Offline playable strategy card RPG
  • Free to play until the end
  • Multi-scenario elements that make you want to play around
User Reviews
  • I can't believe you can play this for free
    An intelligent app that can't be played brain dead. The difficulty level is a bit high, but there are enough challenging elements that you can play for a long time.
  • A hidden masterpiece card RPG
    Excellent work with quality comparable to consumer games and the best of smartphone apps. The story is also tear-jerking in places.
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14. fire emblem heroes

A very popular strategy battle game in which you fight alongside the heroes of the past distributed by Nintendo!

Tactics-based turn-based strategy

This is a turn-based strategy game in which you organize four of your own army units and fight against enemies on a map of 8×6 squares.
The game offers strategy elements such as organizing various characters, such as those in close proximity or at long range, considering their compatibility with the enemy forces, and anticipating the opponent’s actions to move them.

Fans of the successive FE series will definitely enjoy it!

Many FE characters from past generations appear in the game, and an original story unfolds in more than 500 stages. As with the previous FE series, the scenario has been seriously crafted and is well worth reading, and is recommended for those who value storytelling.

Introduction video

  • Strategic turn-based strategy
  • Various modes for repeated play
  • Many heroes from past generations for FE fans
User Reviews
  • Deep
    The controls are simple and the system is easy to understand. It is very interesting because there is a sense of strategy to anticipate the enemy's moves.
  • Long lasting
    I have been playing this game since it was released. I get a little bored after playing for a long time, but it's still interesting enough to keep playing.
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15. soul knight

A fusion of dungeon exploration and shooting

Soul Knight” is a shooting RPG in which players fight monsters in randomly generated dungeons while collecting weapons and dodging bullets.

The stages change each time you play, so it is fun to see what items you can pick up by sheer luck.

Currently, only the iOS version supports online play. It is also recommended for couples or friends who want to play cooperatively.

MSY Editors
Never get tired of the random luck factor! It has become a recommended game app for everyone…

Introduction video

  • Fun shooting RPG by yourself or with others
  • Online co-op play is available for iOS or Wi-Fi
  • The stages change each time so you will never get bored
User Reviews
  • It's a god game
    It's great that it's dot art and each character has unique skills. It's not too hard to control and I really recommend it!
  • Can be played without paying
    There are a lot of charged characters, but the regular characters are strong enough to play without paying. However, Android does not support online multiplayer yet.
Free Download

16. dragon quest of the stars

Over 20 million downloads! Let’s explore the world of Dracula!

Dragon Quest of the Stars” is a turn-based battle RPG in which players can cooperate with other players from all over Japan in a multiplayer game for up to 4 players.

The game is fully equipped with Dracula’s unique training system, such as leveling up and changing jobs. The game also features simple yet profound battles where skill is the key.

The character’s appearance can be set to any look you like, from gender to hair style, and equipment can be changed for a more fashionable look.

There are also a variety of events that will bring back memories for Dracula fans, such as battles against bosses from past generations, including “Ryuoh” and “Zoma”!

The first 10-star 5-fixed gacha can be pulled for free, so those who are just starting out can also get in on the fun.

MSY Editors
Nostalgic music, past rusbos, and many other elements that will tickle the hearts of fans.

Introduction video

  • Explore the entire universe! Explore a vast map
  • Up to 4 players can challenge each other in strategic battles using their skills!
  • Nostalgic BGM, events from past series
User Reviews
  • Full selection of equipment
    In battle, the skills set on your equipment are important. There is a rich variation of series equipment and strange and interesting equipment that can be enjoyed in a storytelling way.
  • Nostalgic but new
    The freshness of playing Dracula with multiple players. The background music and SEs that play at the same time are the same as the Dracula series, so it makes you feel nostalgic.
Free Download

17. Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent

Google Play Best of 2020
Winner of the Creative Division Award

Strategic and exhilarating “8-player command battle

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent” is a single-player RPG app that depicts a world several years before the Switch game “Octopath Traveler”.

Combat is a command battle fought by a party of up to eight players. The battle is fought by switching between the vanguard and the rear guard, and by finding the enemy’s weak points and destroying their shields, so players can experience the strategic elements of battle.

The combination of dot graphics and computer graphics gives the game an appealing three-dimensional feel. This is a single-player game, so you can play at your own pace.

MSY Editors
Not only is the atmosphere interesting, but the story is very well crafted.

Introduction video

  • A full-fledged single RPG app from Square Enix
  • 'HD-2D' with old-fashioned dots and 3DCG
  • Command battle with strategic elements.
User Reviews
  • Enjoyable at your own pace!
    Battles against strong enemies are strategic and interesting. Combined with the good old 90's RPG-like graphics and storyline, it makes you feel nostalgic.
Free Download

18. pokémon masters

Pokémon Masters” is a Pokémon Trainer RPG that takes place on an island, where players venture to become champions in a 3-on-3 team battle tournament.

Trainers take center stage in this Pokémon RPG!

In this Pokémon battle RPG, players organize their Pokémon trainers, such as the main characters from the Pokémon series, Takeshi and Kasumi, and other trainers familiar from the original story, and battle against rivals.

Organize “buddies” and battle Pokémon!

Trainers in the game form “buddies” with their Pokémon partners. For example, Takeshi and Kasumi are paired up as “Iwok” and “Starmie” respectively. The unique feature of this title is that players organize their buddies into teams and battle Pokémon.

MSY Editor
It is also nice to see that songs from past generations are arranged and used as battle BGM.

Video introduction of the application

  • Trainers form original teams
  • 3 vs. 3 Pokémon battles are strategic and interesting
  • Songs from past generations of Pokémon are used as battle BGM
User Reviews
  • Trainer Nerds rejoice!
    Trainers from all regions are gathered together and you can form your own dream team. You'll love all the moves and expressions of each trainer.
  • You can battle well.
    The battle system is simple and easy to play, even for new users and children. The characters are even more enjoyable if you know the original game or anime.
Free Download

19. another eden: the cat that transcends space-time

Google Play Best of 2017
Grand Prize Winner in the Creative Category.

A classic RPG with a retro and nostalgic atmosphere

Another Eden” is a smartphone RPG produced by the staff of the SFC classic “Chrono Trigger”.

Unlike many shadow RPGs, there is no multiplayer element in this application. It is a single-player RPG that is played slowly and carefully, with an emphasis on storyline, just like old home video games.

Turn-based command battles are used for battles. You can enjoy training elements such as learning skills and improving abilities on each character’s ability board.

MSY Editor
This popular app has been talked about since its release for its scenario and beautiful music, and in 2017 It won the grand prize in a game app contest sponsored by Google in 2006.

Application Introduction Video

  • Single-player-only royal adventure RPG
  • Time-traveling, profound story
  • Epic orchestral music
User Reviews
  • A classic RPG
    I like the fact that the game itself is not driven by the game's own part with opponents, timed events, and so on. However, there is no auto-combat, so it's for those who can handle it.
  • Solo play is good.
    Unlike other games, it is really good that you can play at your own pace, mainly solo. The world, characters, story, and graphics are very nice.
Free Download

20. miniature desert island survival

A boxyard survival game to explore a deserted island

Miniature Deserted Island Survival” is a box yard game in which players explore a small deserted island by collecting and crafting materials.

The game involves carving out an island while collecting materials and strengthening pickaxes and axes. There is also a battle element where you defend the island from the occasional gaijin or slime.

This retro smartphone app is made up of dots and has a simple yet captivating appeal that keeps you playing.

MSY Editor
Is the island uninhabited because it has indigenous people? The game is very easy to play as it is played on a single screen of a smartphone.

App introduction video

  • Desert island survival game on one screen
  • Simple but challenging
  • Cute moving dots
User Reviews
  • A good survival game that can be played steadily
    It is fun to expand what you can do little by little, and since it is complete in one map, you can see at a glance how far you have progressed, which gives you a sense of achievement.
Free Download