20 Best Open-World games for Mobile devices

Recommended open world smartphone game apps with a high degree of freedom to explore vast fields are introduced in a ranking format! The list includes a wide range of games from online MMORPGs to offline single-player RPGs, so please take a look.

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A smartphone app that lets you run around in an open world

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1. Genshin

Google Play Best of 2020
Best Games 2020 Awards.

RPG that runs around in a vast and beautiful open world

Hara-Kami” is an open-world RPG that allows you to freely explore a vast land drawn with a beautiful and soft touch in an anime style!

The game is packed with many enjoyable elements such as touring around the beautiful open world, defeating bosses, collecting materials, solving puzzles, cooking, and more.

Up to four players can play on the same field in multiplayer. You can also cooperate with your friends to play dungeon tours and daily missions together.

MSY Editor
An interesting game just to keep flying in the ridiculously wide sky, going around the world, collecting ingredients and cooking! It is!

Introduction Video

  • Free to explore the beautiful open world
  • Both single and multiplayer available
  • Challenging combat that you control yourself
User Reviews
  • The quality is not much different from PS4
    Just running around in the vast grasslands or looking at the beautiful ocean is fun. The character's running and gestures are cute and wonderful. It's an amazing time because this can be done on a smartphone.
  • Cutting edge open field RPG
    Is this really a smartphone game? The quality is so amazing. They put a lot of thought into the character design and voice actors to create a beautiful visual world.
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2. life after

Survive freely in a vast open world!

Life After” is a full-fledged survival RPG game in a zombie-infested apocalypse world where you can chat and cooperate with other players to collect resources and level up.

This smartphone app allows you to enjoy building houses and crafting with your friends online.

The game is quite conscientious, as you can create the most powerful weapon without paying for it if you continue the daily gold hunt for 5 days.

Now you can get a limited edition bike for free!

MSY Editor
The MMORPG is such a masterpiece that it has received rave reviews from various quarters for its “very interesting gameplay! It is!

Introduction Video

  • A real survival game in a devastated world
  • You can interact with friends and play cooperative games
  • It's hard to see the difference between those who pay and those who don't
User Reviews
  • This quality is amazing for free
    At first I thought it would be all zombies, but it's a real survival game with wild animals, soldiers and robots as enemies. Recommended for those who love collecting materials.
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3. morino fantasy: the legend of the world tree

An auto-leave MMORPG that moves along at a brisk pace

Morino Fantasy is an MMORPG in which players choose from a variety of professions and explore a vast, unexplored world with their pets.

An RPG in which players complete quests in auto-progression, the appeal of this game is the crispness with which it quickly raises levels and the ability to develop characters even when left unattended.

The game features beautiful graphics, and the characters are animated and cute with voices. The open world is also well designed down to the last detail.

MSY Editor
Basically, you can play on auto, but you can also enjoy powerful action battles manually!

Introduction Video

  • MMORPG adventure in an open world
  • Beautiful graphics of characters and fields
  • Can be played in portrait or landscape mode, or on PC
User Reviews
  • The characters are cute
    A lot of effort has been put into the graphics and character voices. I personally like the anime-like characters.
  • Recommended for MMO beginners
    It's nice because you can progress quickly and level up quickly. You can get over 100 lvls in a few hours!
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4. lineage 2m

Google Play Best of 2021
Exciting Division – Excellence Award

MMORPG with new-age 3D graphics

Lineage 2M” is a next-generation open-world RPG that allows players to explore a fantasy world that looks like a movie with amazing graphics technology.

Combat is equipped with an auto function. The game features a system in which you can choose your race first, and then select your weapon to branch off into different professions.

There are more than 154 classes! Each class has its own unique characteristics, such as being good at PvP, hunting, and recovery, so you can develop your own one-of-a-kind character.

You can spend your time hunting solo, chatting with your friends, or running around and exploring the vast field.

MSY Editor
Rare equipment drops from monsters. There are also production and versus battles, and is recommended for those who want to play RPGs for a long time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Introduction Video

  • One of the largest open world in smartphone games
  • Cooperative battle with over 10,000 players
  • You can also play Line2M on PC!
User Reviews
  • If you like MMOs, try it
    The music and world are outstanding. Overall, it's masochistic, so I especially recommend it to people who like old-fashioned MMOs.
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5. ARK: Survival Evolved

Survive freely on an island inhabited by dinosaurs

ARK” is a smartphone application that allows you to survive on a vast open world island inhabited by dinosaurs.

You can hunt the dinosaurs that inhabit the island for food, keep them as pets, or tame them and ride them.

From the state of being in a haddock without even clothes, you can collect supplies, build clothes and houses, and aim to live a civilized life.

In survival life, it is important to prepare clothes and food in advance, as changes in the environment can cause physical changes such as thirst and cold.

MSY Editor
You can also play cooperatively with other players and create tribes. It’s fun to live a primitive life together.

Introduction Video

  • Survival life on an island with dinosaurs
  • You can tame dinosaurs and make them into pets or ride them
  • There are many items you can craft such as clothes and buildings
User Reviews
  • Too much to do!
    There are dozens of dinosaurs to hunt, I don't know how many items you can make anymore, and the area you can go in the field is quite large. It's just a very addictive survival game with a lot of freedom.
  • Fun to play with others
    I saw the YouTube video and invited my friends to try it. It's seriously fun! Time goes by pretty fast when you're sharing the building and gathering materials, but it's fun!
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6. sky Children spinning stars

Google Play Best of 2020
Indie Category Grand Prize Winner.

Play cooperatively with the friends you meet on your journey.

Sky” is an online RPG in which you travel as a “star-spinner” in the Kingdom of the Sky, delivering fallen stars to the constellations.

Players can run around hand in hand with their friends in a vast field while feeling the beauty of the starry sky and nature.

Communication features such as in-game chat and emoticons are available. Collecting items through cooperative play will give you an advantage over solo players.

MSY Editor
A divine RPG that can be recognized by its images and music!

Introduction Video

  • A colorful and sprawling RPG
  • Endlessly vast fields
  • Enjoyable to the end solo or in co-op.
User Reviews
  • I really love it!
    It heals me every day. The graphics are beautiful. The way you interact with the players around you is new, and for the first time I experienced a game where you can connect with the world.
  • Healing
    It's like jumping into another world. It is my ideal beautiful landscape. Some of the music is spectacular, like a brass band, which is very exciting!
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7. raft: Original Survival Game RAFT

Survive in the middle of the vast ocean!

RAFT” is a drifting survival game application where you drift in the middle of the ocean in an open world with only a raft.

This is a survival app where you survive by collecting drifting debris in the ocean, making your raft bigger and bigger, and making full use of your craft. While playing, you will get hungrier by the second, so hurry up and make items such as fishing tackle.

In addition to food problems, sharks sometimes come to destroy your raft, and you can experience the harsh survival at sea.

You can also land on uninhabited islands you find while drifting and collect materials such as lumber and fruits. Some islands have buildings, and you can learn the secrets of the world’s origins from the notes left on them.

MSY Editor
You start with a small raft and steadily collect materials to make your raft bigger. Recommended for craft game lovers.

Introduction Video

  • Authentic survival drifting on a raft across the ocean
  • Craft game to make tools from drifting objects
  • Explore the secrets of the world by adventuring on deserted islands in various locations
User Reviews
  • Fun adventure
    When you land on an island, you discover new things and understand why the world is the way it is, and the feeling of adventure is just fun.
  • Raft building is also fun.
    You can make rafts really big and build tall structures. High quality both as a savage game and a craft game.
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8. gangster vegas

Like a free-to-play GTA!

Gangster Vegas” is a crime game in which the main character, who is being chased by gangsters, runs freely in the open world of Las Vegas.

In a vast field based on the real Vegas, you can rob, shoot, and do whatever you want.

This smartphone app offers a wide variety of ways to play, such as buying and taking away cars, collecting various guns, and enjoying casinos and strip clubs.

MSY Editor
You can buy a wide variety of things with the money you earn! You can buy cars, tanks, and even armored vehicles. You can also buy real estate and earn income.

Introduction Video

  • A crime game with a lot of freedom like GTA
  • Run around an open world in Vegas
  • You can buy cars, tanks, a variety of weapons, and even real estate.
User Reviews
  • Grasshopper on your phone
    In a nutshell, this is GTA or Saints Row on Free. I think it's great that you can play games of this level for free on your phone, regardless of the quality.
  • A game I can play for hours
    I honestly like the feeling of the story better than GTA. It is easy to understand. The variety of guns and vehicles available for combat is also highly appreciated.
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9. minecraft


Build freely by combining blocks in a vast world!

Minecraft” is a craft game that allows you to freely enjoy building in an open world that has become a worldwide hit.

The game is played by assembling square blocks like Legos. There are many types of blocks in the endless map, and you can create anything you like by combining blocks.

You will surely have fun if you cooperate with your friends and family to build a single house or explore underground caves together.

In addition to the building elements, you can explore dungeons, breed animals, create your own farm, and more… The game offers a wide range of play styles with a high degree of freedom.

MSY Editor
There’s just so much to do, you can play this game for a long time without getting bored!

Introduction Video

  • Multiplayer is easy and you can play with people on PC
  • Free to explore the vast world with your friends
  • Plenty of things to do and objectives, so you can enjoy it for a long time
User Reviews
  • Minecraft is indeed
    The gold standard of sandboxing, Micra! You can be creative and relaxing, or you can be survivalist and thrilling. It's great to play with friends.
  • I can have fun with friends.
    I couldn't play the PC version so I started playing on PE and it's great. I've been playing for about a year now and I never get bored. I can have fun with my friends! I recommend it.

10. botworld adventure

Explore a wide open world with your BOT!

Botworld” is an RPG in which players explore a wide world with their “BOTs,” or mecha monsters.

It is a fun game application to freely explore the 3D open world and collect rare materials scattered around the world.

Let’s explore the wide world by collecting materials, creating and training BOT monsters, and finding BOTs to be your friends.

MSY Editor
The battle is like “Clash Royale” where several BOTs are placed in the battle area and automatically The game is a real-time strategy game like “Clash Royale” where you place several BOTs in a battle area and let them fight automatically!

Introduction Video

  • Explore an open world in 3D
  • Breed and collect mecha monsters called BOTs
  • Place BOTs in areas and battle them
User Reviews
  • Surprisingly new genre of game
    Create, collect, and train BOTs (like fellow monsters) to fight strategy-style battles, a cross between Pokemon and Kralova.
  • It's quite addictive
    I can recommend this game to those who enjoy the kind of fun that comes from collecting materials in a small way. The collecting element makes it hard to stop playing.
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11. You are Hope

Help each other survive in a 2D open world!

In You are Hope, every minute of real time is a year in the game. You are Hope” is a survival crafting game in which you control a character who can only live for 60 years (1 hour) after birth, cutting trees, making tools, and growing civilization.

All villagers in the game are players and are born as babies of other players. The goal is to survive in a harsh open field where you will die quickly if you can’t find your fee or are attacked by animals, while helping each other through online cooperation.

If you are born in a village that has not yet developed, you can combine materials such as plants and trees to make your life better.

There is a tutorial, but you can ask the same villagers in the chat for detailed controls. Most players are very kind and will be happy to help you.

MSY Editor
Do the best you can during your precious one-hour lifetime and contribute to the development of your village.

Introduction Video

  • Survival life with online cooperation
  • Enjoy developing your village and civilization
  • Chat and help each other
User Reviews
  • Interesting connections
    This is a game where it's important to have connections with other players, generation to generation, and so on. This kind of game is unique, innovative, and wonderful.
  • People, for better or worse
    It's an all-player world, so sometimes there are trolls and antagonists. But most of the players are friendly and are quick to teach you what you don't know. It's a warm game where a little communication can create a lot of excitement.

12. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Always be prepared to die! Deserted Island Survival

Survive a vast island full of monsters in this horror-inspired survival game.

The setting is an eerie and desolate deserted island. The goal of the application is to survive by making full use of survival techniques and scientific knowledge.

In this harsh world where even trivial things like hunger and loneliness can quickly lead to the cause of death, you must extend your survival time as much as possible through trial and error.

If you die, you have to start all over again, but the game is fun to play and you will want to try again and again.

MSY Editor
It features a unique worldview and graphics, and the comical character movements and sounds are also appreciated.

Introduction Video

  • Fun crafting elements to make tools from collected items
  • Desert island survival with total loss if you die
  • Horrific yet comical worldview
User Reviews
  • Great game
    Muddy, same actions, steady, sometimes brave. This game probably deserves the name survival game.
  • A good game worth the money
    Unique worldview and graphics, you can't stop discovering new things one after another. The fact that you start from the beginning every time you die is also innovative and realistic, it's a really good game.

13. diablo immortal

hack and slash MMO where careful selection of dropped equipment is fun

Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG that allows players to freely explore a vast open world with other players.

It is an online competitive game where players can enjoy PvE, PvP, and raid battles where enemies and allies are intermingled.

Players form a party with their friends to explore dungeons, defeat enemies, and become stronger with dropped equipment in this 3D hack and slash game.

MSY Editor
With six professions and a variety of skills, the fighting style is up to you! It is also interesting to study how to fight according to the passive skills of your equipment.

Introduction Video

  • Action RPG that can be played solo or in co-op
  • hack and slash where you become stronger by defeating enemies and picking up equipment
User Reviews
  • Nostalgic Action MMO
    This is an old-fashioned type of MMO that is completely manually controlled, which is rare these days. I like the fact that it is a world where time and skill are the key.
  • I want to be particular about how I look!
    Some equipment changes appearance and color, so it's fun to enjoy dressing up. I'm working hard to become a cool and strong character.
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14. Tower of Fantasy

Explore a futuristic & fantasy planet!

Tower of Fantasy” is an open-world RPG that allows players to move freely in a vast field and enjoy action battles in any direction.

The appeal of this application is that you can freely explore the “Planet Ida” with anime-style graphics, flying with a jet pack or riding a motorcycle.

You can also enjoy exhilarating battles with a variety of actions, such as style changes with weapons and aerial combos.

MSY Editor
Character makeup is quite excellent and the character visuals are cute and anime-like despite the 3D design !!!

Introduction Video

  • Adventure in a futuristic fantasy open world
  • Character makeup is meticulously detailed
  • Exhilarating and diverse combat action
User Reviews
  • Highly recommended RPG
    This open world game is modeled after the worlds of Genshin and Zelda Burai, with the best parts packed in. The characters are cute and highly rated.
  • Maximum challenge
    This is an exhilarating game with jet packs and bikes to ride around on. The field is large and the hidden items are well placed to make it challenging!
Free Download

15. noah’s heart

Explore the planet as you wish, on land, in the air and on the sea!

Noah’s Heart” is an open-world MMO that allows players to explore the vast planet “Noah,” which is approximately 64 million square meters in size, and enjoy exploration and exhilarating action battles.

You can play in any way you like: go around the open field with no boundaries, collect ores, hunt for treasure, raise your cooking and craftsmanship levels, earn gold, and build your dream home.

Exhilarating 3D battles that make full use of evasion and combos are also appealing. Work together with your friends to face off against large bosses!

MSY Editor
Fly through the sky to see the ground, or dare to climb steep mountains on foot to reach the top. There are as many ways to have fun as there are players!

Introduction Video

  • An open world RPG with a large planet to explore
  • You can master not only adventure but also cooking and craftsmanship levels
  • Exhilarating 3D action with evasion and combos
User Reviews
  • Tremendous challenge
    The game has an extensive library of monsters, landscapes, and people, and it's fun to adventure to fill it up!
  • Not a background!
    It's a huge world with beautiful scenery and a magnificent mountain range in the distance, but it's amazing that you can go there and climb!
Free Download

16. azurea-song of the sky

A new fantasy RPG that took 3 years to produce and cost 9 billion yen to develop!

AZUREA is a fantasy life RPG with high quality graphics.

The appeal of this smartphone app includes a seamless open world and the ability to set even facial parts in detail in character makeup.

Combat is basically automatic. The game is a multiplayer MMO with a system that requires cooperation with other players to open treasure chests, and dungeons that require cooperation.

MSY Editor
Some exploration and dungeons are required manually as they cannot be avoided by auto.

Introduction Video

  • Beautiful graphics x open old
  • You can create your own cute character of your choice
  • There are many subquests such as treasure hunting and fishing
User Reviews
  • A wide and beautiful world to explore
    The backgrounds, 3D models, and music are just beautiful. The cityscapes are so detailed and realistic that it's hard to believe it's a smartphone MMO.
  • The characters are fun to create.
    I'm glad that you can create your character in detail. Combat is basically auto but with combos, which is rare.
Free Download

17. eternal

Adventure in a vast open field!

ETERNAL” is a domestic MMORPG with the character design by Yoshitaka Amano and the theme song by LUNA SEA.

This is the latest application from “Asobimo,” which has released numerous MMO masterpieces such as “TORUM ONLINE” and “Iruna Senki.

The game features top-notch graphics, unique character designs, and an epic storyline.

There is no offline abandonment, but most quests can be progressed automatically with the auto function. There are also production elements such as mining and gathering.

MSY Editor
MMORPG with high expectations for the future.

Introduction Video

  • Adventure in a vast open field
  • You can change job roles and specialties
  • You can decide how to fight on auto
User Reviews
  • Beautiful graphics
    The character design is very beautiful. However, the battle action is a bit awkward.
  • Looking forward to more
    The graphics are beautiful. The combat in the quest auto progression is not very fast-paced since you have to put your weapon away after each attack.
Free Download

18. code: Dragon Blood

A well-developed worldview! An action MMO with a high degree of freedom!

Code: Dragonblood” is an MMORPG that allows players to freely explore a vast open world in the near future.

There are four types of occupations: Murasame (sword), falconry (gun), executioner (magic), and symbiosis (healer). For beginners, falconry is the best choice!

In addition to the RPG elements such as quests and boss battles, you can also play mini-games such as car racing, basketball, dancing, piano playing, and tag with two other players.

MSY Editor
Many parts of the game can only be conquered with the help of circles and others, so it may not be suitable for those who want to play solo.

Introduction Video

  • A great MMORPG from the world's largest game maker
  • A futuristic world depicted in a vast open world
  • You can cooperate with your friends in circles and mini games.
User Reviews
  • Join Circles for more fun
    Due to the translation, the story is not promising. However, I really enjoy working with my circle members to defeat monsters and chatting with them.
  • Flexible action
    I play with my friends over VC. besides RPGs, action games like car racing are really fun!!!
Free Download


An action game in which one character can play an infinite number of roles

TRAHA” is an MMORPG that allows players to freely explore a beautiful open world created with UnrealEngine 4.

In MMOs, each character basically has a role to play, such as a shield who protects allies from enemy attacks, a healer who provides logistical support, or a DPS attacker who provides firepower. However, “TRAHA” is unique in that a single character can use three different weapons and can choose at any time which role he or she will fight in.

In terms of graphics, the game offers a more realistic and immersive experience thanks to a unique technology that makes nearby scenes appear clear while distant scenes appear blurred.

MSY Editor
TRAHA claims to offer graphics, operability and freedom of combat never before seen in the history of smartphone MMOs! It’s a promising new MMO!

Introduction Video

  • Experience an immersive experience that exceeds conventional wisdom
  • Battle system where one character can use 3 different weapons
  • Unique character creation through weapon customization
User Reviews
  • Graphics are top notch
    The graphics and character creation are great. Would be nice to have more content after you have improved your fighting skills, etc.
  • Good old MMORPG
    I'm not paying, but so far I'm enjoying it enough without paying.
Free Download

20. V4

An MMO that lets you run around in a beautiful open field

V4″ is an MMORPG that allows players to freely explore a vast open world.

The unique feature of “V4” is the existence of “Lunatra,” a map common to all servers that can be used by characters from other servers.

When guild members cooperate to defeat a field boss in “Lunatra,” the defeated guild can take control of the area.

In addition to the familiar field boss battles in MMOs, this application adds the element of area control, which allows players to engage in more intense interpersonal battles with other guilds.

Whether you are invading other servers with your friends or interacting with players on your own server, you can enjoy communicating with other players in a variety of ways in this RPG.

MSY Editor
There are six occupations, all attackers, which is also novel!

Introduction Video

  • A 600 player war reminiscent of a PC MMO
  • No messing around! All equipment is obtained from the field.
  • Guilds work together to defeat field bosses.
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